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Occupy Doncaster – Make N30 a Festival of Resistance

Download the poster:

Occupy Doncaster Poster

Click on the image to download

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Save Doncaster Libraries. Demonstrate Now!

The Labour Group has successfully had the decision to force volunteer libraries on Doncaster called in to the Overview and Scrutiny committee on November 10th. Anyone able to be there should make every effort, at the Mansion House, by 9am. Mayor Davies’s agenda to smash up our library service is fast approaching, so we need to make the most of any opportunity to oppose his plan. This, and any other protest planned, can be a build up to  the Festival of Resistance on 30th November where Doncaster’s Libraries need to be at the centre of the call to Occupy Doncaster

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No Cuts No Privatisation – Make N30 a Festival of Resistance

PUBLIC MEETING – DANUM HOTEL, 27 OCTOBER, 7PM, Speakers to be announced

The TUC conference ended with a call to action against government plans to cut pensions and increase the retirement age. The leaders of the main public sector trade unions pledged to organise co-ordinated strike action on 30th November.

Everyone who hates what the government is doing to our society should help turn the 30th into a day of mass protest against all cuts. Lets make it a day on which we show the Tories and Liberal coalition that we reject wholeheartedly the idea that working class people should pay for the financial crisis through cuts in services and our standard of living.

DONCASTER COALITION OF RESISTANCE has organised a meeting on 27th October where we can come together and begin to plan events for the day. Come along to hear community and trade union activists speak about how the cuts are destroying the fabric of our society and the need to maximise the resistance before its too late.

Download the leaflet HERE

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Doncaster CoR Special Meeting

DONCASTER COALITION OF RESISTANCE is having a Special Meeting next Thursday to discuss building for the 30th November Strikes/Day of Action.

The group have agreed to build for a Public Meeting on 27th October at the Danum Hotel see here to download leaflet  which we need to get new people and organisations to, to discuss what we do on the 30th and how we maximise the protest in Doncaster.

If you are a supporter of Doncaster Coalition of Resistance, please come to the Womens Centre, Cleveland Street, on Thursday 13th Oct, 7.30pm to discuss priorities of the group and how we move forward to the goal of creating an effective movement against the cuts in Doncaster

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Coalition of Resistance Public Meeting:

Danum Hotel, Doncaster, Thursday 18th August, 7.00pm 

What are the root causes of the riots? Is the growing inequality in Britain
anything to do with it? Are our youth the real criminals? Is there an alternative to the cuts in services and education?Speakers:
Zita Holbourne – Black Activists Rise against Cuts
Chris Bambery – Coalition of Resistance
Striking Free Press Journalist

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The senseless war in Afghanistan costs British tax payers £5 Billion per year. The unnecessary deaths of many thousands of Afghan people and the almost daily news of further British soldiers being killed needs to be stopped. The Con-Dems say there is no alternative to the biggest cuts to our services in living memory yet they still find the money to continue this war.

The Stop the War group in Doncaster has organised a meeting on Tues 6 September, 7.00pm at the Danum Hotel where Joe Glenton, the soldier who was jailed for refusing to fight in Afghanistan will be speaking, as well as other speakers from War ON Want and StW.

This is part of the lead up to the ANTIWAR MASS ASSEMBLY in London on October 8th which will mark the 10 year anniversary of the invasion of Afghanistan.

Download the leaflet for the meeting HERE

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