No Cuts No Privatisation – Make N30 a Festival of Resistance

PUBLIC MEETING – DANUM HOTEL, 27 OCTOBER, 7PM, Speakers to be announced

The TUC conference ended with a call to action against government plans to cut pensions and increase the retirement age. The leaders of the main public sector trade unions pledged to organise co-ordinated strike action on 30th November.

Everyone who hates what the government is doing to our society should help turn the 30th into a day of mass protest against all cuts. Lets make it a day on which we show the Tories and Liberal coalition that we reject wholeheartedly the idea that working class people should pay for the financial crisis through cuts in services and our standard of living.

DONCASTER COALITION OF RESISTANCE has organised a meeting on 27th October where we can come together and begin to plan events for the day. Come along to hear community and trade union activists speak about how the cuts are destroying the fabric of our society and the need to maximise the resistance before its too late.

Download the leaflet HERE

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