Defend Education Against the Cuts

Danum School is threatened with academy status by the end of the term, with no proper consultation of parents and the community.
If this goes ahead the school will be taken out of control of the local authority and put into private hands for the beginning of the new academic year in September. Once privatized the school will be unaccountable to school governors, elected councillors and therefore parents. Essentially it will be run in the same way as any other private business, which has never been voted for by the people of Doncaster.
We will be leafleting against this move outside the school at 8.15am on Monday morning, 9.05.11.
As Doncaster Council is forcing through academy status to the majority of secondary schools in the borough and also intends to privatize primary schools, we need to be outside the school in force to show our opposition.
Fees, academies, school closures and the withdrawal of EMA mean worse education and exclusion from further/higher education for many working class kids. We need to unite and fight all education cuts together. Come and show your support.

Doncaster CoR are hosting a meeting on Defending Education this Thursday, 12.05.11 at 7.30pm.

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