Public meeting with DMBC representatives at Cantley Sycamore Primary

Representatives from DMBC were closely questioned by supporters of the Save Sycamore School campaign, including parents and local residents.  Despite a great deal of evidence put forward by those present that the council has ‘kept quiet’ about Sycamore over several years and chosen to refer parents seeking places to other local schools, council representatives flatly denied this has been the case.  The feeling of the meeting was that the council were using the issue of ‘surplus’ places as an excuse to disguise a cost-cutting agenda.  A proposal by the Liberal Democrat councillor Paul Coddington that supporters should seek a deferral of the decision to close the school was greeted with no enthusiasm by members of the public. In fact, Andrea Milner, cabinet member with responsibility for Children and Young People’s Services, stated after the formal close of the meeting that this would be merely, ‘postponing the inevitable’.  Despite the overwhelming evidence given by supporters that Sycamore is a fantastic local community school, she also said that she had heard nothing that would make any significant difference to the council’s decision to close the school.  The fight to save this lovely, local school continues.  Please sign the petition and join the protest to Save Sycamore School at Clock Corner in Doncaster every Saturday.

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2 Responses to Public meeting with DMBC representatives at Cantley Sycamore Primary

  1. Mick says:

    The suggestion that our best chance is to press for a deferral of closure is wrong. This would weaken our position as we would be at least partially accepting their argument for closure, although possibly some time in the near future instead of now.
    The library’s campaign stuck to the NO CLOSURES message and the council have deferred closure for one year. The fight goes on. The stronger you put your case (ie we don’t accept Sycamore should close under any circumstance) the better chance of a result, even if it is a deferral. If we accept that closure rests on developments in the near future then it will be harder to fight against closure if and when it comes to it.
    Andrea Milner’s blunt and quick response should tell us that now is absolutely no time for compromise on our part.

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