Proposed Closure of Cantley Sycamore Primary School

Doncaster Council have published a 6 page, full colour, no expenses spared leaflet which outlines their reasons for wanting to close the school and explaining the “consultation” process. In it, they say the closure will “help to improve education by reducing the surplus places in the Cantley and Doncaster area”, ignoring the fact that the small class sizes have helped many children gain confidence and achieve higher results than they would have been able to attain otherwise.  In fact, Sycamore has been praised by OFSTED for its “consistently good” results, which in itself does not come anywhere near showing the true picture of the positive impact the school has had on so many under-privileged childrens lives in recent years. In spite of this, it goes on to say that falling pupil numbers “have put at risk the educational standards and viability of the school”, a statement which clearly ignores the facts.
The truth is, that the council have been consistently refusing to advertise the school to parents of prospective pupils; no website was produced for the school even though it had been requested several times over the last 2 years by the governors and head teacher. Other schools in the area had links to their websites from the DMBC website itself. It has been said by many people that the council have been actively running down the school for several years.
Doncaster Council want to privatise schools so they no longer have any responsibility for our childrens education. Closing Sycamore is part of the process to prepare for this. Whoever steps in to run our schools will want fewer buildings and larger classes so they can maximize the amount of money they receive from the government and keep costs down, therefore they will not be interested in small schools like Sycamore even though they deliver a high level of education. Running our schools as cheaply as possible will be their objective.
We need to fight like hell to save this school and the others due for closure which have yet to be announced. We need to defend the future of education for our children.
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