Cantley Sycamore School Meeting a breath of fresh air

Tonight’s meeting at the school was attended by 50-60 angry people who showed that they are determined to fight as hard as they can to save the school from closure. The enthusiasm and positivity of the vice chair of the board of governors, Annie Morgan, was took up by the people present and an action committee was formed to take the campaign forward. It was evident that the small class sizes in the school is cherished by pupils and parents, and is reflected in the consistently good overall performance of the school, all which will be lost if it is allowed to close. Parents and trade union representatives spoke about activities which the group can get involved in, including having a stall in the town centre this Saturday alongside other groups like the Save Doncaster Libraries campaign etc who will be there from 10am, followed by a demonstration at 12 noon. UNISON and NUT representatives talked about the need for people across Doncaster to support the campaign for Sycamore School as it was part of a wider attack on education which would undoubtedly lead to further closures and eventual privatisation of the schools system if gone unchecked. A call for people to join the TUC demonstration against the cuts in London was received with enthusiasm, and UNISON reiterated their intention to provide transport to the demo for all involved in anti cuts campaign groups.  A great start to a campaign determined to win!

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