Save Cantley Sycamore Primary School

Doncaster Council want to close Sycamore Primary School because they say there are surplus school places in Cantley. But we believe that short term financial considerations should not determine the future of education in the area. If the school closes, pupils will have to be squeezed into other schools, in larger classes with less one to one attention from teaching staff. The education of all children in Cantley will therefore suffer, irrespective of which school they go to.

A recent Ofsted inspection (Nov 2010) stated that Cantley Sycamore School was a “consistently good school”, and smaller class sizes undoubtedly plays a large part in this. Although pupil numbers have dropped in recent years the school has proved to be an asset to the community and should be allowed to continue to provide the high standard of education for our children which we have come to expect from it.

Parents have started a facebook page and have already amassed lots of support for the campaign to save the school. They are asking people to write letters of protest to the council and join the lobby of the council meeting on Wednesday 16th February at 10am.

Sign Online petition  here

Download the petition here:

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