Sat 29th Jan: Libraries Day of Action

Next Saturday, 29th January, will be a day of protest against Doncaster Council’s plan to wipe out around half of our libraries. The Save Our Libraries group, which was initially campaigning against the original 3 planned closures, has been petitioning in the town centre since the announcement of the closure of 14 libraries (now 12 I believe), and has collected thousands of signatures from a public which is shocked and angered by this move.

Clearly libraries mean a lot to people. Their closure, driven by a government which cares not at all about our local communities, represents the stupidity and irresponsibility of the whole cuts program of the ConDems. The narrow self interest of the cabinet of 18 millionaires is exposed to us all when we find that once again top bankers are taking millions of pounds in bonuses, so soon after we bailed them out, creating the debt which we are now told WE have to pay for.

Hundreds, if not thousands of libraries will close around the country if we don’t do something about it. For the moment they are in the front line, but we know only too well that the attacks are coming thick and fast on all our services, jobs, amenities, education, health service, wardens, post.

Doncaster UNISON quite rightly say they will ballot for strike action against the library cuts. They have been told that up to 40 library workers face compulsory redundancy. But these cuts will hurt the communities around Doncaster deeply and demand that we all come together to resist them.

Doncaster Coalition of Resistance have called a demonstration at 12 noon this Saturday at Clock Corner. We need Trade Union banners and plackards from all of us facing cuts, but we need as many people as possible to join the protest. We will then move on to the Central Library where from 1.00pm the Save Our Libraries group are staging a “Read In”. Don’t let the libraries become the soft target the government and council think they are. If we let them go, it will be a blow to us all. See you Saturday. Please let others know


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