Good News/Bad News about Doncaster Libraries

UNISON were informed today that Cantley and Conisborough libraries are to be removed from the list for closure. Although this can be seen as 2 steps in the right direction, there are still 12 libraries at risk, so we need to keep up the pressure on the council to force more concessions until all libraries are safe.

Cantley library had been targeted by campaigners against the closures for a Read-in on the 5th Feb as part of the national action taking place around the country on that day. There had been activity within Cantley Sycamore Primary School amongst pupils concerned that their library was going to be taken away from them and a meeting was planned to rally the local community into action. This kind of activity must now be transferred to other areas where the anger undoubtedly felt by locals needs to be given an outlet. Stainforth already have a group, but if your local library is under threat, call a meeting, contact Save Our Libraries or Doncaster CoR to let us know, and we will do everything we can to help and bring support.

The really bad news which UNISON were also informed of today was that Doncaster libraries are facing compulsory redundancy of 13 full time staff, which equates to between 30 to 40 part time staff. These people who will be cast aside by the council if they get their way have been delivering an excellent service within an increasingly underfunded department and are seen by library users across Doncaster as providing an essential service in the local communities. Hopefully UNISON will be doing all they can to mobilise their members in support of these workers but the community campaigns need to unite trade unionists and library users to force the council to back down once and for all. Mayor Peter Davies and his Tory and independant supporters in the cabinet must be taught a lesson. NO LIBRARY CLOSURES in DONCASTER

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